OPMORL (OverPowerful MObile RogueLike) is a prokect for a roguelike game that was started in december 2009 by tt and myself. The initial goal was to develop a it in C, then develop an Objective-C interface and port it to the iPhone. The last versions are relatively complete with regard to what we intended to do, but extremely buggy.

An SDL version of opmorl-1.0 existed, but was apparently lost :)

A full history of sources (with incorrect timestamps and users, since we manually merged sources at the time instead of using version control) can be found on GitHub. There is also some remaining documentation.1 These versions were mostly uplayable because of the numerous pointer-related bugs and the fact that they did not use ncurses, requiring a vast number of return keypresses.

Development was restarted from zero as OPMORL-2.0 in mid-2010, but stalled quickly.


I recently made new versions of OPMORL-2.0, cleaning the code and turning the game to a somewhat playable state with ncurses. I intend to turn it into a small but playable game. It's also on GitHub.

The goal is no longer on making a mobile roguelike (which is rather ironic given the name), but to make a complete game that can be finished in 45 minutes to an hour (i.e., a coffeebreak roguelike). It sticks to the basics of roguelikes: written in C, using ASCII/curses for display, requires identification of magic items, etc.


The game story and setting are loosely based on Homecoming by Robin Hobb and the Dwemer from Skyrim: the player, an adventurer, finds a tower that barely sticks out of the surface of the swamp into which it sank ages ago. Since the tower once was the master tower in a town of a long-since lost civilization, the player can expect to find several important floors as he progresses (the archmage's quarters, the administrator's quarter, simpler dwellings, the market, etc.).

The game is based on the idea that to be kept interesting, it has to be constrained and force the player to make choices. This is implemented by a hunger mechanic in which monster corpses are the only source of food (and monsters do not randomly respawn). The dungeon is ~15 levels deep.

  1. Manual errata: use q to quit, p to quaff potions. Although not mentioned in the manual, the player regenerates 1 HP every 5 turns.